We would like to present the new website for MACCOP – Maasai Community Concern & Children’s Programme. We have worked with a fantastic team to re-brand and re-organise the website with the aim of informing new volunteers about our project and keep you all updated with the progress being made.

We would like to say a big thank you to the following people:

  • Claire Renn (Naserian) who came to stay with us for 6 months and worked with us to restructure the programme and she also worked hard to put all the information together for the new website.
  • Claire Ho who designed the website and the new logo format, giving it an amazing fresh look.
  • Darren Barklie who has also supported us all the way, and helped to build and develop the website and made a dream come true for our charity and volunteer program.

We look forward to welcoming new volunteers !!!!

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