Volunteers and MACCOP staff organised a visit to another Maasai Community in Magadi ‘Osupuko Oldonyo Onyokie’. It is an area that suffers from severe drought which has a massive impact on community, their crops & livestock. In 2016 two volunteers raised money and built a classroom for the community and more children in the area now have access to education and a brighter future.

In 2017 another trip was organised by Danial Pariken (MACCOP Project Founder),  MACCOP coordinators and they were joined by volunteers in Kenya at the time, Claire Renn, Luke Browning, Javiera Bailac and Felipe Crovetto.

It was a great opportunity to discuss future projects with the community and share stories, the volunteers generously donated classroom equipment (exercise books & stationary) and non perishable foods such as maize flour.

Volunteers said ‘ It was incredibly hot in Magadi, compared to Olasiti where we spent most of our time volunteering. However, it was a great opportunity to meet the community and share cultural stories and different experiences.  It is a very inspiring community that are resilient and resourceful, and face reel difficult times due to climate.’

During the stay Javiera Bailac (Trained Dentist) met with the women and children to discuss dental care and hygiene, and did a demo about how to brush your teeth properly to reduce problems of cavities and tooth decay. The group also visited Lake Magadi and took a dip in the hot springs which was ‘hot!’ , but quite therapeutic.

We hope to build another classroom at Osupuko Oldonyo Onyokie and also concrete the classroom floors due to the dusty environment. We look forward to welcoming more volunteers and if you are interested in future projects please contact us.

Meeting with the community

Felipe Crovetto colouring in with some of the Children in Magardi.

Meeting with the Elders in Magadi.

Javiera Bailac demonstrating how to brush the children’s teeth properly.

Daniel Pariken & Claire Renn donating classroom equipment for the local School.

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