MACCOP coordinate a range of projects with the aim of benefiting the community and providing sustainable living conditions.

As a volunteer you can provide the community with so much, by simply staying with a host family and helping around the house, but also investing time in our other projects whether it is supporting teachers in the local school, or helping the Matron at the children’s home to do chores, prepare meals or entertain the children when they are not at school.

Volunteers are encouraged to do some fundraising prior to their arrival in Kenya, so that maybe they can purchase food and clothing for the Naserian Children’s Home, or materials for extracurricular activities such as Arts & Craft. Alternatively, you could organise a group to travel with and choose from one of our larger projects to build or renovate.

We offer a range of projects which you may be interested in, or you may have some alternative ideas which we would be interested in hearing about.