Many people in rural areas of Kenya have very little or no access to proper medical care. Currently we are in the process of constructing a local clinic and maternity ward to provide better medical care for the community of Olasiti and surrounding rural villages. As a medical volunteer you can still make a positive impact within communities.

You can offer basic medical checks and advice. Provide information and advice about diet & nutrition, and basic hygiene to promote healthy living.

Offer workshops to educate about preventative health care to raise awareness of HIV/Aids, educate locals (in the communities and in schools) about safe sexual practice.

We welcome medical volunteers from all specialist areas including physiotherapy, dentistry, speech & language therapy, dietitians, midwifery and pediatrics. Your knowledge and experience will be invaluable.


Goals & Objectives


Provide a local health clinic for rural communities, who currently have limited or no access to healthcare and are forced to travel long distances to access healthcare.


  • To build a local clinic that offers a range of affordable medical services.
  • To provide better health care services to the community, in a high-risk area that includes diseases such as Malaria, TB Typhoid, cholera and Asthma among others.

Projects for Healthcare

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Completed Projects

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