Volunteer at the Naserian Children’s Home and provide assistance by mentoring, educational suppor, or playing games and assisting with daily routines, such as cooking and cleaning. The children really appreciate having volunteers and you will feel the positive impact your presence has made.

During your stay you can support the Matron with daily chores and preparation of meals for the Children.

You can prepare afternoon activities for the Children like reading, art & crafts. Facilitate physical activities such as football, rugby or athletics.

You may want to do some prior fundraising to arrival to purchase food, pay for school fees or buy shoes & clothes.

Volunteers can also support the garden project which aims to grow crops that provide the children with regular nutritious meals. Share knowledge & experience to support the team by developing an irrigation system to grow crops and educate children about agriculture and useful life skills for the future.

Goals & Objectives


Continue to develop and offer this valuable service which provides a home for orphaned children, as well as those who have had to be rescued from challenging family situations.  Plan sustainable projects such as the development of an irrigation system to grow crops which will provide regular nutritional meals. Our long-term aim is to secure funding which will enable us to offer this service to more children who are in need of this valuable service.


  • Provides children with a nurturing environment.
  • Ensures children have access to education and healthcare.
  • Provide children with regular nutritional meals to ensure healthy growth & development.
  • Promoting good hygiene and social skills.
  • Developing creative free-time programs such as dance, arts, music and other physical activities.
  • Support the team to educate children about how to grow crops.

Projects for the Naserian Childrens Home

No current or upcoming projects at this time.

Completed Projects