Volunteers make such a difference during their time on the project, and we would also welcome anyone who would also like to support the projects by making a donation. Donations can go towards the ongoing projects, or you may like to help a child by supporting them with school fees.

Give a child the gift of a good education

You can make monthly donations to support children with their school fees and ensure they receive a good education, which long term will provide them with hope and more opportunities; in return we will keep you updated with their progress and achievements.

Sponsor a Child that needs a place at the Naserian Children’s Home and provide them with a safe home, feeding program, an education and nurture.

This money will cover school fees, feeding programme and will also provide clothing and toiletries.

Email us if you would like more information about our sponsorship programs.

How to send funds

We are currently improving our funding collection process. Please check back soon or email us to enquire further.