We have two options for accommodation to offer international volunteers during their stay;
Option A: Homestay

Volunteers are hosted with families in the village of Olasiti, for an authentic cultural experience, usually two volunteers sharing. They get treated as a part of the family! Please be prepared to live in a rural environment.

Option B: Dormitory

For larger groups that wish to stay together, they can be hosted at the Naserian Children’s home in dormitories.

Whether you are hosted by a family or the Children’s Home you will enjoy an authentic Maasai experience, which will include:

  • Making Chapatti
  • Milking a goat
  • Traditional singing and dancing
  • Sharing stories and cultural differences
  • Help the families during cooking time or afterwards through washing of dishes.
  • You can cook a meal for the families during your stay.

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Application Form
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Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions, or email us at: volunteer@maccopkenya.org